LIV: Long life in Danish


Convinced that medical communications and sales force training make a difference to the quality of life and longevity of Canadian patients we devote all our efforts to supporting our clients in this nobel objective. liV excels in identifying new or unmet educational needs and then developing the most impactful educational programs for the Canadian medical community.

liV means " Long life " in Danish.

According to international studies, Denmark has one of the highest living standards in the world.

What makes liV see the world in orange? Studies on the influence of color on mood have shown that the color orange creates enthusiasm and stimulates creativity. Orange generates positive emotional energy that can be passed on to others in the form of compassion, excitement and genuine warmth. It promotes happiness and optimism. It is a smiling color, making it a simple, obvious and natural choice for liV.

Curiosity is a powerful force, stimulating us to explore the unknown and discover the world. At liV we strive to innovate by taking advantage of man's natural will to learn, both in ourselves and in our clients. We have earned a stellar track record as an agency that designs creative and impactful programs that change behaviours!

We bring freshness and innovation to a constantly evolving industry that is always hungry for novelty and cutting-edge thinking.