Update from the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions* (ACEHP) 43rd Annual Conference in Grande Lakes Orlando, FL

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14 February 2018

From January 20-23, 2018, liV attended** the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions* (ACEHP) 43rd Annual Conference in Grande Lakes Orlando, Florida.

The ACEHP is an organization that seeks to advance continuing health education for healthcare professionals by connecting healthcare education professionals to promote best practices that improve patient care. Their 43rd annual conference is attended by over 1,200 CEhp professionals from across the world, with a majority of their participants from the USA. The theme of this year’s conference: Destination: Patient Outcomes. Our Journey to Improving Patient Care.

Each year, liV participates in this conference to remain at the forefront of global best practices in Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Through continued attendance, our knowledge network and strategic alliances have expanded so that we can bring the best, and most effective, learning programs to our clients in Canada and abroad.

Aligned with the theme, a standout session highlighted the evolving roles and relationship of the patient-healthcare practitioner (HCP) as we move into an era of increased participatory medicine. The patients of today - and the future - have access to a significant amount of information via the web and media sources (social and other). They are walking into healthcare offices and institutions more prepared and more able to take an active role in their diagnosis and treatment management.

Namita Vashi, Director of Business Development at liV, shared “The session highlighted that, as HCP educators, recognizing this shift and encouraging an active dialogue and open communication approach within our programs can add incredible value to the reality of the HCP and patient experiences in healthcare today.”

The conference offered sessions focused on the need, and some ongoing initiatives, regarding measurement of program learning outcomes in order to champion future educational initiatives and funding. There were also numerous sessions this year on best practices on the use of various instructional design techniques such as video cases and role playing.

‘Nothing about me without me’, this disruptive movement in medicine, incorporating the patient voice, is now being integrated into educational programs and symposia through novel role play formats, virtual patients, videos of patient interviews to name a few.  These are initiatives that I can take back to liV’s clients and other stakeholders who have interest to actively engage learners, leading to behaviour change for better patient outcomes!” said Nisha Joshi, Account Director.

If you’d like to learn more about the trends that emerged from this conference and liV’s participation or discuss how to utilize these best practices to further develop and enhance any of your current educational initiatives, please contact Namita Vashi by email at [email protected].

*Information sourced at the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEHP) official website: Accessed January 30, 2018.

**liV currently has multiple memberships with the ACEHP.

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