Medical Writer

Position Summary

The medical writer brings a scientific expertise to a project team by providing relevant and timely clinical evidence in various therapeutic areas, sharing insights and recommendations to the project team and/or client. He/she supports the educational needs of health care professionals (HCPs), in order to reduce the healthcare gaps.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build a clear understanding of existing therapies and patient management in a given therapeutic area
  • Identify and prioritize healthcare gaps using the scientific literature and relevant on-line sources
  • Identify, understand and prioritize educational needs (knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence or system) for selected healthcare groups and specific therapeutic areas
  • Contribute to the development of an education plan including educational objectives, program overview and recommendations for program format in order to help reduce healthcare gaps, while meeting patient’s and HCP’s needs.
  • Lead discussions and collaborate with scientific committees and educational faculty to develop scientific content when appropriate
  • Search, comprehend and synthesize the medical literature and relevant on-line sources for up-to-date scientific information
  • Generate synthesized and readable reports from consultant meetings and/or advisory board meetings
  • Continually engage in self-development of education and therapeutic area expertise while adhering to ethical healthcare educational standards/guidelines such as IMC, CMA, CFPC, Royal College, CQDPCM, ACEHP
  • Monitor CHE/CPD environment from a medical advancement perspective for new trends, opportunities and competitor strategies while staying attuned to new technologies

Key requirements for this job


University degree in science at the master’s level

  • Minimum of 4 years of experience in medical writing and content development
  • Experience with health care systems (direct or indirect)
  • Pharmaceutical industry experience (direct or indirect)
Specific skills and/or competencies
  • Superior knowledge in health sciences with respect to physiology, disease pathogenesis, therapeutics, and emerging medical trends
  • Demonstration of strategic thinking, creativity, innovation, analytical approach, and excellence in problem-solving
  • Excellence in communication (verbal and written)
  • Ability and willingness to learn and to challenge the status quo
  • Flexibility, autonomy and initiative
  • Able to positively contribute to a team

Bilingual (English/French) is an asset

Computer Knowledge

Fully competent in Powerpoint, Excel, Word


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