Accounting Technician

Chantal displays keen determination and continuous dedication to her work at LiV.

Her consistency, pleasant attitude and exceptional organizational skills support her commitment to her trade and are an asset to everyone that interacts with LiV from a financial standpoint.

With her accounting experience, she continues to play a fundamental role in the development of client-oriented processes and executing on financial procedures and practical processes that helps differentiate liV from its competition.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. —Oscar Wilde
Experience in Healthcare
2 years
Previous job titles/roles
HR & Accounting Technician
Office Manager
Executive Assistant
Attestation of Collegial Studies, Administration
Certificates: Accounting
The thing I love most about liV
My colleagues are the best: they are so talented, driven, dedicated, innovative and ambitious.
  1. I’m known around the office as the master of payments!
  2. My guilty pleasure is chocolate
  3. I love photography, Grease, John Travolta, and Elvis Presley
  4. My favorite drink is Kim Crawford white wine
  5. I have a yorkshire named Layla