Director, Finance and Operations

Marc joins the LiV team as Director, Finance and Operations, with over 6 years of healthcare experience in similar roles.

Although Marc operates as the financial gatekeeper at LiV to provide transparency for clients as well as establish and track financial objectives, his dedication to ensuring LiV's long-term success also drives him to initiate operational efficiencies and support a wide variety of business activities. 

His approachable but firm personality and curiosity to understand the core business challenges support the entire team to consistently improve and source solutions. 

If you can dream it, you can do it. —Walt Disney
Experience in Healthcare
6 years
Previous job titles/roles
Assistant Director of Finance
Finance Manager
Graduate Studies, Accounting
Bachelors of Business Administration
The thing I love most about liV
Ability to touch all aspects of the company beyond finance. And my boss is just an amazing human being.
  1. The thing I loved most about school was graduating! Jokes aside, gaining new knowledge was good too.
  2. My guilty pleasure is candies and chocolate
  3. No one would ever guess my age!
  4. I love to travel
  5. My favorite drink is coke (sometimes we can add a shot of whisky)