Medical Writer/ Project Manager

Equally moved by his passions for science and education, Gabriel found the perfect match for his skills set at liV agency. His rigorous and critical process of thought pushes him to deliver the best possible scientific content, while his creativity enables him to make this content appealing to a vast array of audiences. 

His experience in teaching, in public health, and in biomedical research makes him a versatile and devoted team player that is always up for a new challenge.

The solution often turns out more beautiful than the puzzle —Richard Dawkins
Experience in Healthcare
3 years
Previous job titles/roles
Scientific Professional
Biology Teacher
Cancer Information Specialist
PhD in Experimental Medicine
Postgraduate Diploma in Education
The thing I love most about liV
The team’s shared desire to have a long-lasting, positive impact on how medical education is done
  1. The thing I loved most about school was the opportunity to have my ideas challenged on a daily basis.
  2. I love trivia quizzes and fishing!
  3. I’m really into craft beers.
  4. On the weekend, I love a spontaneous roadtrip to go see a live band or a board game night with friends.
  5. I believe following the phrase “Less talking, more doing!” is beneficial for education.