Account Director

Terra brings over 10 years of healthcare experience to LiV, first joining as a Project Manager and quickly transitioning into a role as an Account Director.

Terra has an unwavering commitment to ensuring program excellence through an understanding of the client's reality and awareness of each task that make up a program. She demonstrates an appreciation of the larger educational intent as well as the program design process - all approached with competence, a creative flair and a smile.

Her deep knowledge and substantial experience in medical education support her in providing innovative and relevant learning solutions for clients and participants.


Details matter, it's worth waiting to get it right. —Steve Jobs
Experience in Healthcare
10 years
Previous job titles/roles
Continuing Health Education Manager
Account Manager
Medical Editor
Bachelor of Arts
Certificates: CCPE in Continuing Health Education, Public Relations
The thing I love most about liV
The ability to exceed client expectations due to the professionalism and commitment of the people that I work with.
  1. The thing I loved most about school is having a new wealth of knowledge
  2. My guilty pleasure is Café du Monde beignets 
  3. I love yoga - there's nothing better than a headstand on a saturday morning!
  4. My favorite drink is a nice glass of Côtes du Rhône
  5. I have a giant greyhound names Argos