Medical Director

Janice brings over 33 years of healthcare experience and an extensive knowledge of disease and drug therapy to LiV as Medical Director. 

In her role, she provides strategic direction for projects based on sound science and an awareness of learning gaps as well as produces high-quality medical and therapeutic content to ensure appropriate use of proven therapies to improve patient outcomes. 

A key resource for all members of the LiV team, Janice’s ability to quickly grasp complex science and then communicate that simply, effectively and efficiently to learners is instrumental to the success of all LiV-supported initiatives.


Any fool can know. The point is to understand. —Albert Einstein
Experience in Healthcare
33 years
Previous job titles/roles
President, NovaPoint Pharma Consulting
Senior Manager, Patient Health Management
Health Economic Manager
Doctor of Pharmacy
Bachelor degree in Pharmacy
The thing I love most about liV
Developing a strategy for a new project based on the clinical benefit offered and developing content that brings that to life. I also really love the interaction with physicians and pharmacists.
  1. In pharmacy school, I loved taking pathology to learn about disease at the cellular level
  2. No one would ever guess that I made a music video
  3. My guilty pleasure is watching Survivor and eating ice cream
  4. I love music and play the piano, flute and saxophone
  5. My favorite weekend activities are to watch my athlete son play sports and my musician son play a show